Kien - A Flexible Sound System currently on IndieGoGo

I frequently like to go through the tech section of IndieGoGo in search for what I find to be cool, new , interesting, and innovative technology. On my quest this morning, I came across this very cool sound system called Kien. The Kien is a project by a 4 member team out of Amsterdam that has managed to create something that changes the way we can listen to our music, podcasts, TV shows, or just about anything that can be connected via BlueTooth, WiFi, and ethernet. So, what is it about the Kien that I find to be way cool? Well, where should I start? The features and capabilities truly are endless. 

The Kien consists of these unique looking wireless speakers that they call Sats. They can be set up anywhere throughout your home and best of all, you can just grab one up and take it anywhere you'd like. Yes!!! You can take it - or them -anywhere. I did say them because you can have as many Sats as you'd like. Because Kien is modular, you can continue to add as many speakers as you need. You've moved to a bigger home and want more speakers for your new rooms in your bigger house....just buy a few more Sats and you're good to go. Just need a few temporary ones because you're headed to the beach, a party, vacation, etc. If you have a friend that owns a Kien, you can borrow their Sats. Yes, you can connect them to YOUR system because the Sats will automatically be recognized and connect. It is so easy and offers such amazing flexibility.

Now, how do these things charge if they are "wireless"? Good question. The Kien consists of a subwoofer, which they call Sub. The Sub IS your charger. You place the Sats on the Sub and recharge - voila! You can place them vertically or horizontally to fit your own look and continue listening to your music while your Sats charge. If you would rather keep your Sat in a particular room and never move it from there, they do sell Power Docks where you can dock your Sat and charge it there. See? Your options are endless. 

How about for those serious Audiophiles out there that are super picky about quality and making sure that their system supports lossless audio; can it do that? Why, yes! Yes it can. Kien's streaming protocol supports lossless audio, Dolby surround sound, and Hi-Fi. Also, Kien has this cool technology that they call User Tracked Audio. If you are using the Kien as a multi-room system, the music automatically follows you wherever you go and the Sats you have set up in that particular room will automatically turn on or amplify when you walk past it. 

Now,  what can you find on the Sub and Sats?  On the back of the Sub you can find the following:

  • Digital S/PDIF input
  • Ethernet port
  • Analog RCA input
  • HDMI in and HDMI outports
  • On/Off button
  • LED indicator 

The Sats contain:

  • Indicator LED
  • State switch button to switch between individual Bluetooth or grouped state where it syncs with the Sub
  • 3.5 mm jack input port
  • volume button on the front of the Sat 

The Kien comes in various colors:

  • Onyx black
  • Pearly white
  • Marine blue
  • Cherry red
  • Turquoise green

Keep in mind that just because you purchase your initial Kien in one color and then decide to expand, you can mix and match your colors to your liking. Remember, you can use any Sat, as your system will recognize it automatically. Yes, it really is indeed that easy. 

Kien works with your current apps being that it is Bluetooth, wifi, and ethernet compatible. So any app you are currently running will work. However, Kien does have it's own app and I recommend you check it out because it does have ways to control setting for your Kien system.

Kien is compatible with all platforms:

  • iOS
  • Mac OS
  • Linux
  • Android
  • Windows phone
  • Windows

Check out the video below for more information on the Kien and how it works. I promise, it's quite an innovate product and I'm really excited to see this take off. I'm HUGE on the aesthetics of products, which is why I am such an Apple fan. I can really see this product fitting in very well in my home - especially the Pearly White......ooooooohhhhhh, pretty!!!

It's time for a sound system that meets your every need. Visit our Indiegogo campaign at

Please check out Kien's website at:

Also, you can visit their IndieGoGo at:  where you can pre-order your Kien.


Quick update, the Kien also supports NFC. How cool is that?!?!?!

For those of us who use Vortexbox....this is exactly what we need. Since Vortexbox doesn't support wifi but fully supports Ethernet, this is the perfect setup. Having Ethernet with the Kien is a very big deal. 

You can also find more info on Vortexbox at