Join Beta Testing for iOS 9 and OSX - El Capitan

Let me start off by saying that yes, I still cringe when I hear the name of the new OSX and I doubt I'll ever say it out loud, much less get used to it...EVER!  

Nonetheless, if you suffer from a deep inability to tolerate delayed gratification, you can sign up to beta test the new iOS 9 and OS X and help Apple clear up any issues prior to public release this fall. 

A few things to keep in mind when you sign up for the beta testing program:

  • This is NOT the finished product, hence the name "beta testing"
  • Back up your devices prior to installation  
  • If your devices are critical to your work, perhaps this is not the best idea. You're beta testing something that clearly is still working out some kinks.  

Apple demands strict confidentiality. This is very important and you have to agree to this. These are the No-No's of beta testing Apple products: 

  • No snapshots of the screens. So, forget Facebook and Instagram pics of yourself with the iOS 9
  • No blogging, tweeting, FB comments or discussions of any kind
  • You can't demonstrate or discuss with anyone who isn't a beta tester. So, no YouTube videos, obviously.

The only thing that isn't confidential about the public beta is any information Apple releases about it. 

Public beta testing will begin in July. Beta testing for developers has been available since June 8th.

You can sign up now using your Apple ID. When it becomes available, you will be notified to download the beta and begin testing. Any issues you encounter, you simply report to Apple using their built in feedback assistant program.  

To sign up for Apple's beta testing, go to:

Make sure to read their FAQ before signing up, especially their confidentially requirements.  


Beta program agreement: