Apple Music and Beats1 Radio. Apple...can you please explain?

Yesterday at WWDC's Keynote, Apple introduced its new music app (I think) called Apple Music along with Beats1 Radio. I have to say, I think that the presentation left everyone scratching their heads and wondering "What the heck is happening here?" The presentation was such a mish mash of people just poorly presenting this - so called - new streaming concept. Does it even stand a chance in the music streaming world that currently is Spotify and Pandora? Furthermore, do people really want 24/7 radio? I mean, that's not even what the new generation cares about. They want the music they want interruptions. 

Once again, Apple is really a day late and a dollar short. I'm not sure that this is the area for them and there may be a reason why Jimmy Iovine has been pitching the idea for some time and it hasn't come to life until now; this may not have been a very Steve Jobs thing to do. 

Apple Music left me with quite a lot to be desired, and like many, mostly confused. So, you can pop these pink little bubbles that have certain genres that will therefore make recommendations (at least that's what I gathered) There will also be curated playlists selected by "music experts".....maybe?  

It seems as if Apple is complicating what is already a simple process. Perhaps this will appeal to some, but I'm not sure it appeals to people like me who enjoy lossless audio and upload music to my phone and just play it. That's it. If I want to learn about new music, that's what Apple radio, Spotify, and Pandora is for. If I like it, I buy the CD, rip it to a lossless format and that's it. Sure, that sounds so ancient, but it's what works for me. 

Now, to get to the real details of Apple Music.

  • Apple Music will allow discovery and curation. You tell it what you like and it will make recommendations. Nothing new, Spotify does that. 
  •  Connect - well known and unknown artists will now be able to share and communicate with their fans. 
  • Beats1 Radio - 24/7 radio by 3 "known" DJ's airing in over 100 countries. Meh, unimpressed.  
  • Free for the first three months. Apple will definitely need to do this to hook people in.  
  • Single plan will be $9.99 per month or Family Sharing for 14.99 per month. With family sharing, you can have up to 6 Apple ID's that will each log in individually and have their own favorites and selections. Accounts will not be meshed together.  


Courtesy of Gizmodo



Please share your thoughts and comments. I'm interested in hearing what you all think about Apple's bold new move into this new arena. Will it be a success or a major flop?