Sandra Miranda Cooper, MS.

Sandra Miranda Cooper, MS.

I'm just a girl who loves gadgets. Well, I'm a bit more than that but it's my love of all things tech that prompted me to start this blog.

A bit about myself:
I am co-owner of Net Cybersolutions, LLC, an IT and Networking company started in January of 2016 stemming from our previous Sole Proprietorship, Best Orlando IT. I wear many hats within the company, but I am mostly the business manger and assistant Networking technician. I am responsible for web design, social media, business marketing and branding, developing business partnerships, business leads, and researching and implementing new ideas towards business growth. 

Although I love all gadgets, I am a die hard Mac lover. So, it will come as no surprise to see quite a few blogs about all of the latest and greatest Apple products out there. I am also a big fan of home automation and the Ubiquiti Unifi Networking product line, so there will be quite a few articles regarding those products as well. 

I anticipate starting a Podcast in the very near future to add some flair to this blog and also provide another avenue for my readers to engage. 

I hope you enjoy this page and please feel free to contact me with any comments and suggestions.