SOBRO Smart Coffee Table
The Coffee Table for Techies

Hello subscribers!

I am beyond excited to announce that I have just ordered the coolest coffee table EVER!! I absolutely must thank my wonderful husband, Cooper, for indulging me with my tech obsession. Despite his thinking that this is a ridiculous coffee table, he understands that these are the things I love tinkering with, reviewing, and writing about.

A full unboxing, setup, and review will be recorded once it arrives, so stay tuned.

For more information on this innovative smart coffee table, visit the SOBRO website at:

Due to the success of the SOBRO Smart Coffee Table, SOBRO has decided to design the SOBRO Smart Side Table, which is currently on IndieGoGo.

I have not ordered the side tables because they are currently on IndieGoGo and I prefer having buying a product that is ready to ship. However, if you are interested in supporting the campaign, you can do so here:

Sobro Smart Side Table Features

SOBRO Side Table Specs.JPG